Boom Town: When the 20’s Roared in Uptown Kingston


Travel back in time with a distinguished reporter from Kingston in the 1920s. He will guide you through Uptown as he knew it, where you’ll encounter individuals who contributed to a booming era of growth. You’ll meet Legs Diamond and his wife Alice Kenny Diamond, who owned a speakeasy on Fair Street, a swanky socialite of the Stuyvesant Hotel, a vivacious vaudeville duo who made magic on the stage of the Kingston Theatre (the current site of BSP), and a generous jewelry store owner. In their own ways, each of these captivating characters made Kingston roar in the 1920’s!

Set in Stone: Kingston Buildings and their Stories


Are you in awe of the architecture in Uptown Kingston? Join nineteenth century architect Calvert Vaux on a walk to some of Kingston’s most intriguing buildings. On this tour, you will meet such figures as Sojourner Truth at the courthouse, Cornelia Tappen at the site where her house used to stand, Minard LaFever at the Old Dutch Church, which he designed, and an educator from Kingston Academy (the current site of Rough Draft Bookstore). Come and listen to what Kingston’s most meaningful structures meant to this cast of characters!

Both tours will be conducted May through October on alternating Saturdays at 1 pm. Tours will be limited to 30 people each; tickets are $15 each and will be available beginning February 1, 2021.

Living History Cemetery Tour

Our 7th annual living history cemetery tour at the Old Dutch Church in Kingston will feature seven characters, and themes, each of which made a difference locally and nationally.

Saturdays in October at 7 pm; tickets are $15 and will be available beginning June 1, 2021.

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