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Over the past eight years we have presented over 60 different characters at six historic sites throughout the Hudson Valley area of New York State. Tour guests have met military and politic figures, farmers and laborers, manufacturers, artists and artists, socialites, religious leaders, philanthropists and an enslaved person. Each contributed to the growth and well-being of their community and all were met with enthusiasm by the guests they educated and entertained. 

Each character presents a 10 minute interactive monologue, and guests are encouraged to ask questions. Each tour is approximately one hour and includes six stations in the cemetery with at least one character at each stop. 

Angelina Rhinebeck Cemetery.jpg
David Britton Rhinebeck Cemetery.jpg
Kate Podel Rhinebeck Cemetery 2.jpg
Marlene Rhinebeck Cemetery 2.jpg
Brian Kubsch Rhinebeck Cemetery.jpg
Joe Baer Rhinebeck Cemetery.jpg
Old Dutch cast 2021 copy.jpg
felicia in basement .jpg
mike harlick as gov clinton.jpg
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Dawn Elliot Cemetery Tour.jpg
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